Our Story

We all love good scents, whether it’s the smell of mom’s (or dad’s..) cooking, the blossoming of citrus trees or the sweet childhood scent that stays with us in the memory.

Our nose is very sensitive to odors and every fragrance is absorbed deep into our consciousness and accompanies us throughout life. There are fragrances that we connect to more and there are those that we like less, but each fragrance and each note is a story in itself.

My love for perfume and great fragrances started with me at a very young age, around the age of 6, when during a magical and fragrant journey over the years, the love for special fragrances grew stronger, especially in my youth, while flying with my mother abroad. The visit at the “Tax Free” shops seemed for me like the largest place in the world, with a huge variety of perfumes and with one special scent that stayed with me throughout the flight and the next day.

Since then, the variety has grown and expanded along with the desire to smell different every time, every event, every meeting and every normal day. Today over 25 years since that first love, the love only grew stronger and pulled me outside the comfort zone of orderly, safe and worry-free work, to a desire to break boundaries, to tell my stories with unique fragrances that I would like to develop and reveal to the world.

The period was not an easy one, a global epidemic, uncertainty and lots of time to think about how to share this love with everyone. During this time, my family, friends, acquaintances and even the sellers at the grocery store, were partners in the experience of new scents, of course everyone smells the same scent individually, on taste and smell, one can argue 🙂 However, it is important that the end result is perfect for both parties.

Scents vary according to different periods and events in life like age, emotions, fashion etc., there are scents which are seasonal, like summer, autumn, winter and spring, also there are scents suitable for daytime or evening, scent which is suitable for a formal dinner or special event like wedding and sometimes you just want something that is light and pleasant for every day.

Today I invite you, to experience my story with the help of the same experience of the unique and familiar fragrances that are inspired by the same scents that were and are our favorite.

Over time, the variety of scents and products will continue to increase, so you can always expect new products and fragrances.

For this experience I invite you personally, to write, send messages and of course call, in order to share with me your personal experience so that I can know where to improve and get better.

And on a personal note, it is very important to me to hear your opinion about the experience and the scents (even if you liked it less), it is more important on a personal level than a business, like a flower, who enjoys its scent and always continues to cultivate it.

Ever since man realized that it is possible to create a composition of different scents and not necessarily focus on a single note and to this day, tens of thousands of different and varied perfumes have been created around the world.

I personally feel and think that settling for a single perfume, limits us to open up to new and varied fragrances.


I invite you to come enjoy, be exposed and get to know a wide range of fragrances at affordable prices that suits every pocket, this is the perfect and easiest way, to find the perfect scent for you! My team and I will be happy to advise and guide you to new fragrances that can suit you.


~ I’m Max and this is my love story for perfumes and fragrances, nice to meet you.