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Keed Antes M-225 Men Extrait de Parfum


Keed Antes A perfume for men: Conquer Your Kingdom

Unleash your inner emperor with Keed Antes, a masterpiece of masculine prestige. This commanding fragrance embodies the fearless spirit of a conqueror, empowering you to face any challenge with unwavering confidence.

Experience a sensory journey:

  • Crown yourself with an opening burst of regal bergamot, zesty lemon, and exotic pineapple
  • Rule with a heart of spiced patchouli and noble birch wood
  • Leave a legacy with a base of sensual musk and rich woody notes

Keed Antes isn’t just a scent—it’s liquid courage. From sunup to sundown, this versatile fragrance adapts to your conquests. Its fresh notes evoke the vitality of summer, while its deeper accords provide year-round gravitas.

Whether you’re storming the boardroom or claiming victory on a night out, Keed Antes arms you with an aura of authority. It’s more than a fragrance; it’s the essence of a man who knows no bounds.

Embrace the spirit of conquest. Anoint yourself with greatness. Reign supreme with Keed Antes—the scent of emperors.

Suitable for all seasons but with the freshness of summer and all hours of the day.

Inspired by “Aventus”

Top notes: Bergamot, Black currant, Pineapple, Apple.
Middle notes: Patchouli, Rose, Jasmine, Birch.
Base notes: Musk, Oakmoss, Ambergris, Vanilla.

Concentration: Extrait de Parfum

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